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The Power of Shame

Shame is a deep issue. It seems as if you grow from shame but shame is something that will linger around until the perfect opportunity for it to show itself in us. It isn't a one and done thing to overcome. I believe that the cause of it is, worry. I believe the worry comes from what other people will think about you. Worrying about what others think stems from comparison. Comparing yourself to someone is a result of judgement. Not judgement of others, but judgement of yourself. Shame causes unease. It causes us to critique everything about ourselves. The way we look, how we sit, how we eat, even how we act around certain people. It will cause us to review and rewind in our heads, conversations, actions and even short encounters with people. When we review it, we critique and suggest we should have done something different that would have aided on a positive note or even if it was positive, it could have been even greater moment. Shame will cause you not to move