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We Have All We Need...

These last couple of months from March 2020 to now the end of June 2020 has transformed and stretched so many of us in many different ways. Who would have thought on January 1, 2020, while we celebrated New Years, that so much would come to pass. 2020 is an amazing number. It symbolizes perfect vision and in just the 3rd month of the year, we would all be hit something we did not see coming.  So many prophetic people rang alarms and warnings, but life got in the way. Responsibility knocked on our front doors. Bills consumed our minds. Our children's health, well being and hunger consumed our everyday lives. Before we knew it COVID-19 shook our foundations. Jobs were lost, responsibilities were threatened, our health was attacked. In the middle of this pandemic, racial divide grew stronger. We now have a global protest for black lives which should have always mattered, but our society has shown our black brothers and sisters otherwise for centuries. People are full of hatred. People