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How To Grow In Faith

There is a couple ways to truly grow in faith. I would like to share them with you my first point of growing in faith is: ●Hearing the gospel 1. Church is the perfect place to hear the gospel. The more you take in the more you put out. What you digest in words and sight, should be things that will draw you closer to God. Hearing about Christ will help you grow in understanding Him. 2. Reading the bible is the gospel. From Old to New Testament you hear about Christ. The Old Testament is full of foreshadows of Christ. I'll give you an example: In the Old Testament people would kill live animals and pour the blood of the animal over an altar as a sacrifice for God. The animal was innocent and had no fault in being killed but it took the place of humans needing to die because of their sinful ways. God is very serious about sin. You can find some of the animal sacrifices in the book of Numbers. The New Testament speaks of the death of Christ and His blood shedding for us even tho

Your tongue establishes your healing

You ever wonder why it is so hard to admit when you are wrong? Why it's so hard for you to hear correction. Why we cant control ourselves when other speak truth to us? Words are literal wavelengths of activation or deactivation. Words cut deep The process of healing is very simple yet complex because it's going to put you in a spot to cut deep. In order to be healed from a thing, theres a surgical procedure that must take place. Some procedures are more painful so anesthesia has to be applied. Tooth removal Cyst popping A removal of some sort Or a replacement of something. The recovery is hard. If you do the wrong thing, you can disrupt the healing process and have to start from a new place of pain. When it comes to healing and deliverance it is the exact same way. Saying you are ok isnt going to automatically lead you to heal the broken areas of your life. Saying what is truly in your heart is what's going to release the wavelength that will activate h