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Loss (Feelings)

 You never know how a prescence of something or someone can be such a support. When that presence is removed, you lose yourself for a moment. You begin to be someone else. You become weak. You feel lost. You just dont know... don't know anything, don't know anyone, you don't know yourself at times. Misunderstandings become law. Help becomes a disability. Hugs feel like betrayal. The words, "I love you" feels as if is not reality. Gossip and slander are the norm. Toxicity is clear. Anger seems as if it is the way. Trauma bonding is at an all time high. Disconnect lies at hand. Hurt rules the day while tears grow in the night. Fingers and toes are fueled by tingling anxiety. Support is distant. The person or thing that lent support, that helped you when you were down, that showed you love, that was a safe haven is now gone. A hole lays in your heart and every blow that is aimed at it seems to hurt immensely. Your heart feels withered. Your body aches. Your appetite