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Don't Began Love Before Its Time...

There was this girl I knew... She was a teenager. She always had an interest in boys, I mean it's only natural right? God made us creatures of procreation. This young lady would always have a guy who she really crushed on but he seemed to never show interest back. The guy crushes would make it clear that this young ladie's attributes such as her curves, her waistline and all her body parts would never go unnoticed, but never her character or her personality. This young lady deeply cared about showing them her heart. So from elementary school to middle school, she'd secretly crush on guys hoping at least one would notice her one day. One day in elementary, she noticed one of her hugest crushes which happen to seem to be everybody's crush was holding a conversation to another guy about her. He asked another young man, would he? As far as the question, the young lady hoped that he was asking would this other young man date her. But as the adult I am, I know this young ma