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Let Them Go....

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to let someone go. It's even harder when you have to be the one responsible to end it. It's hard because you get attached, you've developed feelings as deep as love, and its comfortable to stay. When you have back and forth feelings for someone whether a friend, boy/girl friend, and even family, it's best to let them go. It may genuinely hurt the other person. But doing what's best isn't always what feels good. To avoid this types of things, I'd suggest taking things extremely slower than the slow you feel you take when dealing with people. A lot of the times we subconsciously created unhealthy bonds with people out of loyalty. We get used to these bonds and it becomes very difficult to remove them out of a particular space or just out of our lives in general. This is called a toxic soul tie. For family, You can't detach completely unless it is toxic. When dealing with family sometimes you naturally grow from a