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It's ok when things hurt

I notice a lot of people will be hurt or they feel a certain way about how they were treated and they brush their feelings off with an, I'll be okay." I am guilty of this. We tend to allow ourselves to release a small amount of pain and then we pacify ourselves and suck the pain back in. We brush right under a rug and rarely revisit it because we are taught that tears or expression in how we feel are weak. We refuse to acknowledge how people make us feel because it may seem like we are doing too much. Or that person may feel we are weak and being too emotional. As long as you keep brushing things under a rug and moving on without getting clarity or without genuinely releasing yourself of the pain, the more you are teaching yourself that your feelings don't matter. The more you do that, the harder it's going to be to Express yourself. It's going to effect how you communicate. It's going to effect your relationships. It affects the most important relationshi

How Do I Know I Need to Be Healed????

When it comes to healing, many people think we need to be healed from sickness, disease and disabilities only. While that healing is 100% true and is a necessity for many, there's a deeper area of healing I think we all need. As I look into the area of wholeness and relationships (whether that's friendship, dating, marriage, family, business or professional) there's always areas that cause negativity. That is because people are broken. Broken people are trying to put bandaids on wounds that need surgery. What I mean by that is we have been taught, we've had examples of toxic behavior, we've experienced toxic situations and these issues have piled and filled our minds and the way we operate. Theres people on this earth who are 80 years old who have continuously piled on abuse, hurt, and all forms of damage. They have never experienced true healing. They have never been able to escape the trauma of their conditions. That's what healing does. It heals! It takes