How Do I Know I Need to Be Healed????

When it comes to healing, many people think we need to be healed from sickness, disease and disabilities only. While that healing is 100% true and is a necessity for many, there's a deeper area of healing I think we all need. As I look into the area of wholeness and relationships (whether that's friendship, dating, marriage, family, business or professional) there's always areas that cause negativity. That is because people are broken. Broken people are trying to put bandaids on wounds that need surgery. What I mean by that is we have been taught, we've had examples of toxic behavior, we've experienced toxic situations and these issues have piled and filled our minds and the way we operate. Theres people on this earth who are 80 years old who have continuously piled on abuse, hurt, and all forms of damage. They have never experienced true healing. They have never been able to escape the trauma of their conditions.
That's what healing does.
It heals!
It takes you from being hurt and scarred to being healed and living at peace.
Here are some issues I consistently see that shows that you would need healing:

•You compare yourself to others consistently●
•You can't stick with one decision for YOURSELF (The lifestyle and opinions of others cause you to change your direction in life)●
▪You attract toxic people●
•You're always depressed●
•You're always irritated●
•You're always angry●
•You have a hard time saying no
•No one can help you, you dont allow them to●
•You dont ask for help●
•You feel you need to be in control ●
•It's extremely hard to be affectionate. ●
•You have a hard time forgiving others●
•You procrastinate even with important things●
•You have no drive or ambition for anything●
•You cant enjoy good moments●
•You find yourself devaluing your morals to keep people in your life.●
•You are very premiscuis ●
•You worry about how others think, feel and what they have to say about you (outside of constructive criticism)●
•You intentionally choose not to support others●
•You always turn conversations back to your childhood when you were supposed to be pouring into that person's life.
•You brush things off because its hard to communicate ●
•Its hard to communicate on any level●
•You're priorities are only work and money
•You're always having anxiety attacks●
•You're always fearful●
•You're afraid of exposure (You shut down and cut off conversations that expose your flaws)
•You can't be honest about how you truly feel.●
•You don't want do be around people●
•You assume every conversation is a conflict
•You find yourself taking 5 steps forward to take 7 steps back●
•You're disconnected physically, emotionally, financially or mentally from your child(ren)●

There are many things I have noticed in others, but the crazy thing is I've found myself consistently operating in the majority of these things myself. The points with the bigger bold dots on the end of them is the things I have dealt with first hand for the majority of my life, except for the motherhood issues. I'm only four years strong in that so far as of 2019 lol.

 If you have identified with any of these things,  and other traits you notice about you, now that question is, how do I get healed? Read this:


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