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The competition is not other people.. YOU are your competition!!!

I saw this post last week. It hit home in so many ways.  As I have entered the process of healing. God began to peel back layers upon layers of  my being to create the change that is needed to move ahead in life.  I want to go higher in Christ. I need a better life. I want more on top of my needs. This post is real truth and has healing all over it. Theres a post on this blog about the first 3 and how they hit home also. I'd suggest you stop here and go back to read it and then come back to this one. Its titled, "I Can't Compete With Others, When I'm Not A Full Competitor." The next 4 hits home also. My life hasn't ever been what I truly meant it to be. I was supposed to be successful,  driven, in love and happily married, getting goals accomplished and living my best life. Yet I am living a good life and trying my best dig myself out of the holes I created because of the wrong mindset and the horrible choices made. With God, I have all I need and I will

I Cant Compete With Others when I'm Not a Full Competitor

I saw this post and immediately thought of who I sometimes am and who I used to be. In order for me to get where God designed me to be from birth, I had to look deep inside ME to see why I felt His way wasn't the best way for me to be. YES! I attended church often.. I even taught in the church YES! I loved God YES! I believed God was amazing and wonderful and YES I still do these things today, but I have officially leveled up 💜 I gave my life to Christ 6 years ago, yet I officially surrendered my being to Him about a year and a half ago. I am writing this blog to encourage you. We all must go through the process of healing. God will save you if you ask Him. God loves you even if you dont quite show Him how much you love Him often. Yet, He can not use you or promote you in life until you let go of unnecessary baggage holding you down. This picture hit home for me in many ways. I struggled with procrastination deeply. It wasn't by choice, it was because my lack of

How Do I Heal??

Before we dive deep into how to heal, I want to explain some things about healing.   Healing takes time. And you discover the path towards your healing this is the time to, use your time wisely.  The world we live in is driven from recieving instant results and working less to have better results. Healing is not as this. It is not a one a done thing. You have drive thru restaurants that give us fast food. You can get a full course meal in less than 4 minutes. You can pop a TV dinner in the microwave in less then 2 or 3 minutes to have dinner. There's a lot of things in this life we can have with little to no effort and very short timing to receive it. Think about it, you don't have to wait for next week to see a new episode of our some of your favorite tv shows. It's a lot we don't have to wait for. Society has created a way for our mindsets, and with that mentality, it causes us to think that most of our situations situation can be this way. I believe as humans, one of

I feel lost in life 😣

There's always a point in my life where I feel I'm on top of things. I am checking off things I need done and then BOOM. I hit this stop sign or brick wall and I feel I am lacking. I am 26 years old. I have a 3 year old son. My mother has physical disabilities and my little brother lives with my mom also in a two bedroom apartment. I am sharing a room with my 3 year old. My little brother's room is our living room. With all our stuff in one room I feel cluttered. No matter how much I throw out it still feel the walls get closer and closer lol. No I do not suffer from claustrophobia lol. Maybe ... lol  I just want a better life, more space, more freedom, more creativity and ownership of assets and for my little brother to have his own room. I look at all my goals written down and some even tacked on to a wall in me and my son's room. I just feel I dont know what to start or how to start on the biggest goal I have of starting a business. My son will be starting school s
Me at Church Anniversary 2018!!!!! Before I found this dress, I was a bit discouraged because I wanted to attend my church anniversary and I didnt have much money left. I was looking everywhere for a dress and couldn't find anything. I was just gonna stay home. I prayed and asked God to help me find a nice dress no more than $50. I didnt plan on going in this store. But my mom's was taking forever with my little brother shopping for football gear so I ditched them lol. When I saw this dress, I thought o ok this is nice. I guess I'll try it on. When I put this dress on. I fell in love. I am a laid back jeans and tshirt type of lady lol. I honestly had never worn a dress like this before lol. When I put this on. I immediately smiled and my heart flooded with so much confidence. I was praying to God wow!!! You really created a beautiful woman. I struggled with my outer appearance all my life. I thought I was fat and ugly. But the Lord is healing me in the ar

Wounds Need Care

I want to start this is off by reminding you that many of us have been wounded in so many areas. Having one wound cared for and completely healed doesn't mean you are completely whole and healed. Also, even one wound can cause other complications that need care  There's so much more to you that has to be cared for. For example, I had a son three years ago. I had to get stitched up because I was torn (that was one wound). I thought I was ok because I was high off drugs from the hospital, I thought I was ready to go home. Once the drugs wore off, it felt like my uterus wanted to fall out of me. I was in horrible pain (this is wound number two). I wound up in the hospital a week later because of complications (wound three). After a procedure of curing wound 3, I was in even more excruciating pain. (Wound number 4). I begin forming a milk duct under my left arm pit that caused so much pain I didn't want to put my arm down (wound 5). With all these wounds after a child, I had