The competition is not other people.. YOU are your competition!!!

I saw this post last week. It hit home in so many ways.  As I have entered the process of healing. God began to peel back layers upon layers of  my being to create the change that is needed to move ahead in life.  I want to go higher in Christ. I need a better life. I want more on top of my needs. This post is real truth and has healing all over it. Theres a post on this blog about the first 3 and how they hit home also. I'd suggest you stop here and go back to read it and then come back to this one. Its titled,
"I Can't Compete With Others, When I'm Not A Full Competitor."

The next 4 hits home also. My life hasn't ever been what I truly meant it to be. I was supposed to be successful,  driven, in love and happily married, getting goals accomplished and living my best life. Yet I am living a good life and trying my best dig myself out of the holes I created because of the wrong mindset and the horrible choices made. With God, I have all I need and I will get to the life I initially planned. I just took some major detours lol. But God, He has a way to steer us back in the right the direction and position us to recieve ALL He has for us. We just gotta get US out the way.

Why? Because that's the Will of God. He intentionally put Himself aside the moment He decided to step off His throne. He intentionally left His place of peace and no hurt, harm or danger to step down here on earth. He was brutally, drastically and deeply wounded for us. We now have the rights to go through and grow through the negative issues in life. The only way is to do just WHAT God did and get out of our own way

The fourth point stated on the pic above is:

#4) The antisocial behavior you're nurturing.

This!!! This!!! This!!!

This was one of my mottos to live by. You won't get hurt, if you dont put yourself in position to get hurt and that would be to involve myself with people lol.

I am highly introverted. I dont mind being alone. I dont mind sitting under a tree with just me and a book. From having been through many things from dead end relationships and just not having genuine friendships, not being around people was just fine for me.

At my church I went 2 full years with not many friends. It was intentionally done because of fear. Fear of rejection, betrayal and abandonment. To not get close means I wouldn't get hurt or angry at people.

Coming to my senses theres a realization that its impossible to not get hurt by or even angry towards others. It's good to have GENUINE friends and counselors. We need them.
This is a great scripture I live by that I was once ignorant to:

Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.
Proverbs 11:14 KJV

God created the world and people for His own glory. Us working together and loving each other beyond faults and offenses is what relationships are all about. I had a vision for this but didnt quite know that I needed to rely on God to get me there in order for me to become a great friend myself. Another great scripture to learn is:

A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.
Proverbs 18:24 KJV

I wasn't quite skilled in showing myself friendly lol and I noticed that others didnt also so I just kept to myself. Having genuine people in my life now shows me that its necessary. I had to change my patterns and put myself in a vulnerable state in small ways to truly see if certain people were for me. I notice in the scripture that friends can become closer to us than family. Its something about unfamiliar people that allows us to build trust. I understand how marriage and relationships grow. That's for another blog post though lol.

In order to gain success in every area, you need a team and antisocial behavior is not good for growth. Why do you feel the need to be antisocial? Is it driven by fear? Is it driven by an unhealed heart?

Mines was and sometimes still is. It's a defense mechanism. It's not as healthy as you think. It will keep us from truly connecting to the people God has for us (including a potential spouse) and none of us want that. I know Fasho I DO NOT ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

#5 The Unhealthy Food You Consume

I love me some donuts and I love coffee and creamer in the AM. You know, I've noticed how much energy I have and how good I feel when I make a conscious choice to eat more healthier. But in reality, it's not always that I do to be honest. When eating healthy, theres more of a positive attitude, energy to make through the day, and no crash at the end of the day. I feel more in tune with myself when I choose better food options. One day I was having such a bad day. And I was depressed. I was crying throughout the day. I was just so down and even though I prayed, I would feel good for about 20 minutes then the sadness would hit me again. I thought I was under attack. I got revelation that I needed to eat better and I was so shocked because that day I ate, 2 donuts and had coffee with sugar and creamer. I barely ate any veggies or fruit and I realized how horrible I was really eating. It wasn't just that day, but all that week.
 This year I decided to not eat ANY meat or dairy but I have gravitated to being a vegetarian pescatarian ( only seafood as meat and I do eat cheese lol) Yet it's been about a year I still struggle because of my 25 years of eating whatever I liked.

It happens like that. We spend our whole lives doing life the way we were taught and when it's time to shift it takes time to adjust. We have set backs but my goal is to be raw vegan One day lol. I realize alot of my days have been greater because I eat much better than I used to. Id suggest just implementing more healthier choices in life with more fruits and veggies and watch the difference. How do I know?
On my best days...
I's my best days because I made healthy eating choices on those days

#6) Your Lack Of Creativity๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿคช

Did you know you can learn new things and make them your own?? Is that a lack of creativity because you may implement someone else's strategy? To me, I dont think so. Sometimes we just run out of fuel! Sometimes we dont have the drive. Drive can be transferred. Sometimes we dont know where or how to start.
I dont think I lack creativity, I just struggle with so many ideas, areas and where to start. So I have learned to start small. Instead of allowing jealousy to fester when looking into someone else's life, take time and reach out to them and see of they can help you with some creative tips on how you too can find creativity.
I feel creativity grows in your process of starting a creative journey. We get so discouraged simply from being stagnant. Put one foot in front of the other and research and implement it in some type of way and watch how more eagerly you flow in what it is you grow to love or have always loved to do.

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#7) The Wrong People You Surround Yourself With:

The bible says, Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.
1 Corinthians 15:33 KJV

The people we connect with are extremely detrimental to our future. Great people create great people. Hurt people, hurt people. Damaged people, damage others.
Look at it as fruit. If you put one spoiled fruit in a basket of fresh and ripe fruit. The fresh and ripe fruit will eventually spoil because its contaminated by the spoiled fruit. The only way it won't is if you throw out the bad fruit.

How do u know if you are not around the right people?
Pay close attention to the behaviors and words they put out in the atmosphere. If they can not encourage you, teach you, respect you, support you, love you, and listen to you without interrupting or ignoring you then they are good for you. One last scripture I will share says in part
For every tree is known by his own fruit.....
Luke 6:44 KJV
 You know a tree is an apple tree, how? Because it bears apples.
You will know if someone is good for you by how they treat themselves, others and the words they put out. If you notice I put how people treat themselves first. So, go from the bottom to top of the list on the pic are YOU living YOUR  life???
What type of fruit are YOU bearing??
What is your mindset??

These 7 things on the pic above are amazing!! I did not come up with this and whoever did is wise and amazing to lol
I'd suggest you save it and do a true self evaluation of it often. The only competition and the only person keeping you back from being successful in any area:
•Singleness (Loving yourself and God)
•Relationships (friendships, bf, gf, family)
•Marriage (To God 1st then a spouse)
•Education (High School, College, Ministry)
•Job (Your purpose, Work, Business)



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