Me at Church Anniversary 2018!!!!!

Before I found this dress, I was a bit discouraged because I wanted to attend my church anniversary and I didnt have much money left. I was looking everywhere for a dress and couldn't find anything. I was just gonna stay home.

I prayed and asked God to help me find a nice dress no more than $50. I didnt plan on going in this store. But my mom's was taking forever with my little brother shopping for football gear so I ditched them lol.

When I saw this dress, I thought o ok this is nice. I guess I'll try it on.

When I put this dress on. I fell in love. I am a laid back jeans and tshirt type of lady lol. I honestly had never worn a dress like this before lol. When I put this on. I immediately smiled and my heart flooded with so much confidence. I was praying to God wow!!! You really created a beautiful woman.

I struggled with my outer appearance all my life. I thought I was fat and ugly. But the Lord is healing me in the area of being confident in who I am. And I really appreciate THE PROCESS!!!

Healing is about growing from hurt, to healing, to growth, to love, to appreciate, to standing an Awe of the true and mighty works of God.

It's about the little things.

And to top it off this dress was $25 at Ross and my closest ever gets all the photo creds lol she's someone who always pumps me up to feel good about myself.  She's amazing
LJ you know who you are lol
 😍😍 God is good!!!!


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