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I want genuine friends!

What is a friend? A friend is someone that becomes closer than your own family. A friend is someone who listens. A friend is someone you can cry around and with. A friend is someone who is genuinely happy for you even if that thing you have is what they deeply desire. A friend is someone you will clash with because a friend isnt perfect. A friend is someone you can communicate with when there is a clashing moment or disagreement. A friend is someone who encourages you to be a better you. A friend has integrity when it comes to your personal business. You can trust a friend. You can be yourself around a friend. You can rely on a friend Let's look at what a friend is not.....: ●A friend is NOT someone who dumps all their issues on you, and never takes time to pour into you. (It will always be about them and you won't have an outlet and will become drained) ● A friend is NOT jealous. (Jealousy is a really deep issue I see amongst women. Women compete to look bett

Who Are You Listening To?

Every day is a new day. Every day is a new day for an opportunity to do something different  Everyday is a new day filled with opportunities to do something different that will change your circumstances in life. Our identity is attached to everything but God. The bullies at school said your skin was too dark or you weren't dark enough to fit in a particular culture or ethnicity. Your ex told you no one would want to be with you, but them. Your ex treated you so unfairly when all you did was love them. Your boss or supervisor(s) critiqued everything about you and micromanaged every choice you made on a job. Your parent(s) always showed correction but never showed genuine love towards you. Your parent(s) treated you completely different than your siblings. Your parent(s) told you, you wouldn't ever be anything in life. Your parent(s) spoke negative things over you and damaged your mind. Those you thought were true friends, spread lies about you Those thoughts in

I wasn't attracted to God

God goes from a stranger, to an associate, to a friend, to a relationship partner, to a spouse and ultimately the head of our lives. The stranger stage:🙄😒 Looking back in life, there's this area where we can see how God was a true gentleman and pursuing us in our lives. Many of you, are in this stage now. You want more of God but you just dont really know how to start seeking Him. For me, this stage was me knowing God, but I just wasn't that interested in Him. It reminds me of the guy who is really nice and sweet but you'd rather go with the bad boy because he has more edge, style and a bit cuter lol. A better life was always the goal, I just never included God in that type of life. The perfect career, a nice apartment or house, a good car, and the man of dreams and our children was my focus. If my man was smoking or believe I was doing it too. I wanted that JayZ and Beyonce, Ride or Die type love. That's kinda how many of you are now. You know He e