I want genuine friends!

What is a friend?
A friend is someone that becomes closer than your own family.
A friend is someone who listens.
A friend is someone you can cry around and with.
A friend is someone who is genuinely happy for you even if that thing you have is what they deeply desire.
A friend is someone you will clash with because a friend isnt perfect.
A friend is someone you can communicate with when there is a clashing moment or disagreement.
A friend is someone who encourages you to be a better you.
A friend has integrity when it comes to your personal business.
You can trust a friend.
You can be yourself around a friend.
You can rely on a friend

Let's look at what a friend is not.....:

●A friend is NOT someone who dumps all their issues on you, and never takes time to pour into you.
(It will always be about them and you won't have an outlet and will become drained)
● A friend is NOT jealous.
(Jealousy is a really deep issue I see amongst women. Women compete to look better, they gossip, they slander, and operate from bitterness. If someone is jealous of you, they will tell your business to make themselves look better. They damage your reputation, so others cant see how great of a person you are.
 If you have something that someone wants and they arent happy for you regardless..  that's not your friend.)
●A friend is NOT someone that you are not comfortable around. (If you cant be yourself, who are you when that "friend" is present? You're not being yourself and it is for a reason. There's no good reason to not be your authentic self around some you call "friend."
●A friend is not someone who writes you off when you have a clash or disagreement. (If there is no opportunity to talk things out and you dont hear from a so-called friend in a while, let them go. God is taking them out of your life).
●A friend is not someone who encourages you to ruin your life. They are not going to urge you or influence you to do something that can truly damage your life and character.
(They are not going to tear you down. They will not intentionally set you up to fail... It's understandable when someone wants you to do something they see is fine because they do it too, even if that thing is damaging. They are looking at life from their own personal level. But if you are not comfortable nor agree to what they are doing, and you have made that very clear to them, yet they continue to downplay you, influence you or get angry because you choose not to, that's not friend. God is intentionally changing your life and He wants you to leave that friendship)
●A friend is NOT perfect ( know that we are all flawed human beings, we all have our own life stories and past hurts and pains that we need to be or are being healed from. Theres times where old ways and undealt with pain and frustrations will rise up in our lives. If its meant, God will make a way for relationships to grow and heal together if that friendship is necessary)
●A friend will not leave you high and dry. (Someone who isnt reliable when they say they will do something important for or with you, then just doesn't show up or contact you isnt a friend. Someone who just ups and leaves you with no reasoning or communication is selfish and isnt in a place to produce good friendships.
●A friend does NOT gossip about you. (If that person talks about you behind your back, spread lies or indulges in slander and gossip with others is not a friend. If they find themselves in a position where you are being talked about and they dont take up for you, NOPE, not a friend)
●A friend is not untrustworthy.  (If you cant open up because you know your business will be spread across the land, that isnt someone you can befriend)

You can read this post and imagine 1 or more people you know that qualify as true and genuine friend(s). You can also identify who isnt or never was a friend to you.

I say to read this post and look at yourself. Are you a genuine friend. Do you uphold qualities of what a genuine friend is. The reason I say to self reflect because...you are what you attract. If you seem to keep attracting not so genuine people in your life, it's time to look in the mirror.

How do I know? I was once a damaged young lady seeking validation and acceptance from anyone. I would continuously be shown that people didnt care much about me but yet I continued to stick around for a false sense of loyalty. I had to learn to be loyal to ME. Once I did, I began to attract genuine people in my life. Even those I onced judged as negative people, I began to see their worth because I found my own worth.

You need to be healed, so you can manifest the life God has for you. A life full of genuine and healthy friendships and connections.

How do you get healed?
Refer to my blog post on how to accomplish it.


If you need help or guidance I can help answer questions


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