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I hear so many people say that they are not religious but they are spiritual. I'm guessing they feel there's no need for the Holy Bible to be read. Or they feel there's no need for church. I am unsure of what other things people deem unnecessary in the name of religion or the bible. I express these words because in the church or in the bible you can find out what fear will actually do to people. It shows it in our day to day life as well, but I think a lot people see things like: Complacency Irritation Isolation Hate Complaining Anger Lust Rape Yes...rape...what does that have to do with fear? I'll explain..keep reading Jealousy Obnoxious behavior Judgement Abandonment Suicide Rejection And so many negative traits we see through on and come from people on this earth. When we see these types of behaviors, we tend to cut people off. (Which may be necessary in some cases, and sometimes it's not) We tend to deem them unfit for society. We complete t