I hear so many people say that they are not religious but they are spiritual. I'm guessing they feel there's no need for the Holy Bible to be read. Or they feel there's no need for church. I am unsure of what other things people deem unnecessary in the name of religion or the bible. I express these words because in the church or in the bible you can find out what fear will actually do to people. It shows it in our day to day life as well, but I think a lot people see things like:

Yes...rape...what does that have to do with fear? I'll explain..keep reading

Obnoxious behavior
And so many negative traits we see through on and come from people on this earth.

When we see these types of behaviors, we tend to cut people off. (Which may be necessary in some cases, and sometimes it's not) We tend to deem them unfit for society. We complete their diagnosis of what they portray and we put them into a category of what ever categories we choose. Those categories determine how we deal, communicate and view them. In a lot of cases that's fine. That's called boundaries and expectations which we all need.

But what does fear have to do with any of the subjects/ behaviors above? I'll give an example for each one and it could be 1000 examples for each but I'll only give one for the sake of you time... and my time too lol

Complacency is basically another word for laziness. I want to keep it simple.
Fear brings on complacency. It causes you to cripple. It brings no action to get things done. I've heard people say that others are afraid of success. I didnt quite understand that term because everyone I know wants to have success and whatever they determine success as. But the fear of the unknown causes you to stay still. You may desire to have a successful marriage, but you fear even talking to the opposite sex because you fear that it's going to end up like all your past failed relationships. I can genuinely understand and relate to this. I would put up a wall with all men for years and become very short with them because I put them into a category that forewarned me that men are no good. I'm thankful that I am healed from that.

You may fear being a successful business owner because you may fail like you did with the last business venture. I can understand I've failed a business venture it took up for an entire year.

Fear will literally bombard your mind. It will make hills look like mountains and when you finally get the courage to step up, you may slip and it feels like you tumbled down the mountain so far. In reality it's only 5 steps to take but you think there's one hundred. When you finally decide that you won't fear any more you get to the top which was only five steps, then you realize, wow, why was I even afraid in the first place lol. That's when your journey of land and hills begin as you go higher in life.

Fear can cause irritation. You may have had the worse day possible and all you can do is think about the issues. When others come to you, you get highly annoyed. It was a day. I got a ticket on my job, I was stressed about getting my son into school. I was also stressed about my coparenting situation and transfering my sons information to my household. I was beyond stressed. My mother comes to me and tells me how her landlord was questioning me about living with her. I just yelled and told my mom, ok I will leave. I just needed some silence. My mom continues to talk I asked her did she pray about it because she too was battling with fear. I told her ok, I'll leave I just couldn't handle any more pressure at that point but it came out wrong, due to irritation. My mom was frustrated and slammed the door and left. I was actually relieved she left because I was stressed out and irritated. My heart began to swell with pride when God told me to call her. I told God, yea right I ain't doing that. He told me to call her again. I grabbed my phone hands shaking and called my mom. I apologized for my rude behavior and told as I hesitated to say I guess I am acting this way because of Fear.

I felt i had no control over my life. That caused so much fear and it lead to irritation.

Fear will cause you to isolate yourself. You may feel it's what you need. Even Jesus went to isolation. I'll tell you, if your isolation isn't to get closer to God and pray and have that one on one time with Him. I can almost guarantee it's because you're in fear.

I used to intentionally isolate myself from my family. My family would deem me as the attitude girl. In general I cut myself off from others because the main relationship of a father not having that to its fullness and the disconnect from my mother caused me to fear that others would do the same. So let me do that for you. The first sign of correction from someone, the first time someone would want to connect with me, I would put up a wall. It was my defense mechanism to protect myself driven by fear.

Fear will make you not accept genuine people.

I'll make this a 3 part post because I would love to explain more.

I'm going to go to down to rape.
How can fear cause someone to rape someone else.
I believe the people that do heinous crimes are people that have been extremely hurt
And now they walk in fear. These people are people that have been tormented. These people are that reciprocate the same energy that was once done to them. Its completely selfish and harsh, yet it is driven by fear. I've heard in so many documentaries and discussions that those people want others to feel how they feel. So they inflict the same energy they feel on to others so that they feel they are in control. There is once a time that they felt they had no control of the hate that was inflicted on to the them. So now they want that same control so they dong ever have to walk in the fear of others knowing them by that person who was brutally harmed.
Its fear. Fear torments you, it breaks you down. It haunts you. And it will not leave unless you decide you won't allow it to control you.

I brought up folks claiming to not be religious, but are spiritual to say that we have to understand that the bible speaks of spiritual things. Check out this scripture:

Timothy 1:7 New King James Version (NKJV)

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

Our spirits can be overtaken by fear. Fear is a spirit. How do you combat fear? 

With the word of God. 
When you are in fear, of whatever circumstances 
Cast out the spirit of fear. 
Release love, power and a sound mind in your heart and spirit. 

Love with draw out fear and cause you to connect with people that can help you. It will humble you. It will put you in the will of God. 

Power will strengthen you to keep going and to help others. 

Sound Mind- that will help you stay out of fear and not go back in forth in your mind to keep allowing fear to overtake you. 

When you feel angry, frustrated,  hurt, damaged, unforgiving and much more say that scripture and walk in love, power and a made up mind. 

Look out for part 2 explaining more about how fear can drive some of the actions above. Love you share this with someone you know and tell them to suscribe and keep this blog because I genuinely want you and others to walk in the ways of God. And have confidence that everything will work out no matter how deep the issues can be. I am not here to judge or condemn you. I am exposing the work of the enemy and I want you to understand that it's not your fault. We live in a fallen world. The only person keeping us lifted is God. Keep pressing and keep believing. I love you


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