Wounds Need Care

I want to start this is off by reminding you that many of us have been wounded in so many areas. Having one wound cared for and completely healed doesn't mean you are completely whole and healed. Also, even one wound can cause other complications that need care  There's so much more to you that has to be cared for. For example, I had a son three years ago. I had to get stitched up because I was torn (that was one wound). I thought I was ok because I was high off drugs from the hospital, I thought I was ready to go home. Once the drugs wore off, it felt like my uterus wanted to fall out of me. I was in horrible pain (this is wound number two). I wound up in the hospital a week later because of complications (wound three). After a procedure of curing wound 3, I was in even more excruciating pain. (Wound number 4). I begin forming a milk duct under my left arm pit that caused so much pain I didn't want to put my arm down (wound 5).

With all these wounds after a child, I had to focus on each area at a time. I was on a mission to be whole and healed so that I could be more attentive to my new baby boy I had birthed. With one victory of healing I was still reminded of other areas of pain.

Just like our internal wounds. It could be from rape, bullying, cheating, lies, betrayal, gossip about you, losing someone you love by death and so much more. We have to learn how to heal. The only way to heal is to expose the issue you are having.

You cant work on a wound without the proper diagnosis of  what the wound is. Whether you have dealt one of the issues above or any of your own personal issues, you have to be transparent about it and real with not only yourself but in prayer with God.

Healing causes vulnerability. God loves it and when He sees and knows you are 100% honest. He does His best work.

There are self inflicted wounds and there are also wounds inflicted on ourselves by ourselves and the choices and lifestyle we choose to have.


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