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Am I Really Mature?

If someone asked you, "Do you think you are mature?" I can guarentee you the answer would be yes. I believe everyone believes they are mature. Saying you're mature and being mature is two different things. Maturity is all in your actions and reactions. In order to understand it, think of it as the natural aging process. Babies are immature because they need a lot of tending to even if they may not even realize they need it. In our non perfect world, we have it unnaturally as even some elderly individuals still behave as children. Below are some signs that will definitely reassure you that you are mature. ● You would rather talk things out than to lean to your own conclusions. ●You can admit when you are wrong verbally even if it hurts.  ●You're opened to criticism. ●You understand correction is for your betterment even when it doesn't feel good.  ●You are teachable  ●You understand mistakes are going to be made, and there's always room for improvement.  ●You a