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What is for YOU is for YOU ONLY

Sometimes God will call you for a specific thing. He will call you to do a particular thing that seem so peculiar. He will lead you to do a thing that you haven't seen before. You may not even feel qualified or the confidence to walk in the lane God has you. You look around and other people don't even believe in what you are being lead to do. People judge you. People ridicule you. People hold private conversations about you. You can tell people have private conversations about you because there's small remarks concerning your situation around you while they talk to others.  Even though you notice the funny remarks. The negative mindsets towards, the inside conversations, you must keep quiet in the process. What God has for you is for you only.  In this season you're going to develop relationships that are going to fuel you. You'll have partnerships that will bring clarity and confirmation. You'll gain support from like minded people. God may shift your relations