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You Do Not Have To be What People Label You As...

 You're too much. You're too hard to deal with. You're crazy. You'll never amount to anything. You're lazy. You're difficult. You're a bad parent. You're too sensitive. You're aggressive. You're mean. You're unreasonable. You are uncivil. You are a thug. You are not accountable. You are ugly. You are fat. You are not compassionate. Your are selfish. You are greedy. You are a liar.  Their are so many labels in this world. So many people have an opinion. So many people have something to say. Make sure the words people speak over you or the words that get back to you are from a trustworthy person. This is very hard because wise counsel, honesty and correction is always needed. Yet, wise counsel, honesty and correction is very different from being labeled and put into a category or box by insensitive people.  A label is placed on something because that is where that name or title is being hosted forever or until the label is changed.  Many people