You Do Not Have To be What People Label You As...

 You're too much. You're too hard to deal with. You're crazy. You'll never amount to anything. You're lazy. You're difficult. You're a bad parent. You're too sensitive. You're aggressive. You're mean. You're unreasonable. You are uncivil. You are a thug. You are not accountable. You are ugly. You are fat. You are not compassionate. Your are selfish. You are greedy. You are a liar. 

Their are so many labels in this world. So many people have an opinion. So many people have something to say. Make sure the words people speak over you or the words that get back to you are from a trustworthy person. This is very hard because wise counsel, honesty and correction is always needed. Yet, wise counsel, honesty and correction is very different from being labeled and put into a category or box by insensitive people. 

A label is placed on something because that is where that name or title is being hosted forever or until the label is changed. 

Many people will label you. People place one word over you and when they see you, that label will stand first as your entire being. If someone calls you rude and believes you are rude, they will see you and expect you to be rude. When you are not rude, they will make comments or have thoughts of you being opposite of their label and have a sense of surprise or disdain towards you. 

This does suck because while you are in amazing person, people saw an abnormal moment (not a pattern) and categorized you. 

God has allowed me to see people beyond their actions and see the root cause of their behaviors. I see people for the spiritual implications they are dealing with than the label I would like to place on them. That takes some maturing and openness from God to understand and see. 

A label is placed on something because that is where that name or title is being hosted forever or until the label is changed. 

People label people all the time and cast their own judgement on others. The labels can also be good. This blog is specifically for negative labels you have heard from someone. 

Everything has a label. Look around. Your television has a label. Your phone has a label. Your books, have a label. Your car has a label. Your pen has a label. Your social media account has a label. Everything that you have came in a box. 

The only thing that does not come with a visible label are humans. We create our labels. When we die, their is a mark and a label that will be able to identify what environment we will dwell in. 

That label is what matters. 

What people label is something to consider but not always necessary to agree to. 

Some negative labels you hear often and from different people, consider them. 

With consideration and no consideration of labels, you do not have to agree to what people label you as. 

We create our labels. Some of our labels come from our own choices. People will label you a felon and categorize you to a jail or prison cell. People will label you as an angry person, and categorize you as unsafe. People will label you unfit for society and categorize you as mentally ill and uncapable of responsibilities. 

To be all out honest, some of our choices have led us to these labels. Yet the beauty in it all is that labels can change. 

Did you recognize these labels?

Google, Amazon, Tinder, Pepsi? These labels were once called something else. Google used to be called Backrub (yea that's a bit strange lol). Amazon was labeled Cadabra at some point. Tinder was Matchbox. Pepsi was labeled Brad's Drink earlier in time. 

  • The people that created these household names and labels decided that the names were bad for their business and adjusted their labels to benefit others and themselves. 

There may be some labels that you truly identify with, but you choose not to come to terms with. The best way to handle things is to take a look at the course of action you have taken place in. What are some things you can do differently? What part of problems are your contributions? Just because a label has been made, does not mean you have to identify yourself as that label. 

Change is necessary, and it is not impossible. 

Lets talk deeper about an abnormal moment vs. patterns. An abnormal moment is something you would do in response to a present situation while a pattern has history of present continuous actions.

An abnormal moment can happen out of pressure of the moment.
An abnormal moment can happen out of insecurity of the moment.
An abnormal moment can happen out of fear of the moment.
An abnormal moment can happen out of uncertainty of a moment.
An abnormal moment happens out of character of your whole being. 

Patterns are consistent pressures, insecurities, fears, uncertainties, and character traits. 

When you think of someone, do you see a history of present responses, words and actions? Have you seen someone who is normally a certain way respond, speak or do something differently? That's how you can see someone's character. 

Immature people place labels on others and have disdain towards them. Mature people place boundaries and still see people as a whole individual. 

What labels have you heard about yourself? Write them down. 
Do you see yourself making the same choices with multiple people? If so, what is it? Write it down.
Do you like the labels people have spoke over you? 
If no, write down choices you can make to counteract the labels people have spoken over you. 

This takes true self reflection and it is not easy. The way to heal is to vulnerable and honest with yourself. If you keep lying to yourself, how will you be true to who you are to others?
Writing this down may cause you cry. Just because you cry does not mean it is wrong. Healing causes a lot of tears. It is ok to cry. It is ok to acknowledge the not so nice things about ourselves. It is ok to see those dark areas of our lives. 

I know you may have thought this blog post was going to be something else, but the goal is to get you to a healed and delivered human being. A lot of our hang ups in life is in our thoughts, actions and what other people think about us or what they do to us. Those things are valid and definitely real. 

Your feeling about your circumstance are valid and real. Yet, you do not have to be so tied to your feelings. You do not have to be tied to the labels people place on you. 

The choices that you write down to counteract the labels people have spoken over you. Begin a plan to rearrange your life. 

- Write a plan.
- Create small goals.
- Execute your plans.
- Create your own labels and actually live according to those labels. 

You do not have to be what people label you as.


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