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Don't Neglect Yourself Focusing On Other People

 Focusing on yourself is a full time job because you hold many areas of life. You are someone's daughter or son. You are someone's auntie or uncle. You are someone's employee. You are someone's CEO or Executive Director. You are someone's fiance. You are (possibly) someone's girl friend or boy friend or wife or husband. You are (possibly) someone's mother or father. You are (possibly) someone's roommate. You are possibly someones friend. You are possibly a leader in different areas and hold responsibility for a business or organization. There are so many roles you have responsibility for and that does not include who you are to yourself.  In these roles you have responsibilities and priorities. Putting people's needs before your own is apart of life, yet your main focus of needing yourself will be your demise or it will help you.  The main goal in life should be to serve (love) others and God. But if you are not in the proper mindset to do so, things

Why Does This Generation Seek Prophesy So Much?

 I chose to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior around the age of 20. I knew about God and I liked churched as a child and attended a couple services a year throughout my upbringing. My family taught me things about God and some of those words stuck with me, but my own desires were a priority for a long period of time in my life. It wasn't until I turned 20 moved to Sacramento to live with and take care of my mom who became disabled and begin to seek Christ more.  I had a promiscuous past, dated and "hooked up" with men. God used a weakness of mine to actually provide me with great strength. He used a guy to share the knowledge of God with me. This guy I thought I would marry would soon exit my life 8 months later to marry someone else. God had him do what was needed to be done and removed him. What was needed to be done was me actually recognizing and getting to know God for myself. I needed to know God not from the point of what my family said to me, not

Set Backs Will Catapult You

 This last year has been such a huge transformation for many people. Some people lost friends, family and aquaintences that were affected by a huge world wide pandemic. People's lives changed before their eyes. With a pandemic, that did not stop everyone's day to day issues and needs. Before the pandemic, people still needed more. During the pandemic, the things that people needed before seemed to be heightened. I believe that everyone who needed support in any area, anyone who may have needed finances for many things, anyone who needed community, anyone who had needs seemed to need those things even the more. While people fought a pandemic, people still were fighting to mend broken relationships. While many people were fighting to stay healthy to prevent harm from the pandemic, many people were still battling to develop forgiveness from other people trespassing against them. While many were sanitizing their hands and surfacing to prevent the spread of a virus, many people were