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Why I Want A Daughter - Embracing Womanhood & Parenting

I’m currently pregnant with my second child!  My desire was for a girl that first go round, but God blessed with such an amazing young boy! I hav no regrets having a young man to lead and grow. I love you Jordan Wiggins ❤️ I am 5 months away from excruciating pain trying to birth the blessing God is trusting me with. Birth pains aren’t the only pain you grow through as a parent. The constant worry. The constant fear. The constant concern. Am I qualified for this? Am I ready for this? Can I afford this? Do I have enough space for another human to be added to my household size? Do I have the proper mental health and care to help raise a child to have a healthy mindset? So many questions. So many reasons to feel inadequate and insecure of the assignment. Being a parent is a life long assignment and can not be taken lightly.  As a woman who was once a baby girl who grew to a young woman and now becoming a full grown woman, I lacked many things that I see should be a priority for women. I g