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Theres a time for EVERYTHING

You will start your business You may not have began physically, but you are preparing through education. Stay faithful in your learning process. You will get married You may not have any prospects or recently gone through a break up and that's ok. That's not too hard for God. He has positioned you to heal and prepare to be someone's wife. Stay focused on being or becoming the prize. It's never an ending to improvement. Take this time to learn you. Write out your vision for a relationship. Write out what you will or will not accept in a courtship. If you meet someone and you find yourself lowering your standards, realize there's some areas of growth in you and it's ok. You'll never be perfect so don't forget it. Also, don't forget, there's no ending for improvement. You may not have children Don't lose faith. You are not unworthy. You are someone's mother. It just taking time to build in your own home. God wants to bring your child