Theres a time for EVERYTHING

You will start your business
You may not have began physically, but you are preparing through education. Stay faithful in your learning process.

You will get married
You may not have any prospects or recently gone through a break up and that's ok. That's not too hard for God. He has positioned you to heal and prepare to be someone's wife. Stay focused on being or becoming the prize. It's never an ending to improvement. Take this time to learn you. Write out your vision for a relationship. Write out what you will or will not accept in a courtship. If you meet someone and you find yourself lowering your standards, realize there's some areas of growth in you and it's ok. You'll never be perfect so don't forget it. Also, don't forget, there's no ending for improvement.

You may not have children
Don't lose faith. You are not unworthy. You are someone's mother. It just taking time to build in your own home. God wants to bring your child in a stable healthy environment where both parents are healthy and strong. Keep working on you and your marriage. Go to parenting classes. Go to marriage counseling. Go to counseling for yourself. Your child will thank you for your hard work. You'll set the example for him/her.

You may not have the job you'd like or a job at all.
It's not about what you think you deserve, it's about what God is doing while you are unemployed or at the job you don't like. He's teaching you through your boss, your coworkers or your customers or clients, how to deal with people. Hes teaching you while you are unemployed to use your time to either learn or support others with your time. He wants more of your attention. Use the not so great moments at work to pray and ask God move things around and watch how your faith grows. Use your free time to read your word and learn more about prayer and fasting. Utilize what you learn by putting things into action. Watch how much you grow in faith.

You may not have friends
You are in a place of isolation for God to work on you. He's spending this time to focus on you. He doesn't want people to be your idol. He wants you to know you can hold your own weight. He wants to be your priority. He wants your identity in Him and not in others.

You may need healing or deliverance in a certain area.
You may watch poronography
You may have hatred in your heart
You may fornicate
You may be addicted to substances
You may lie
You may be bitter
You may have jealousy in your heart.
These things you hate, but you seem to keep falling into the trap of being a certain way or doing a certain thing.

In the right time God will bring your desires to pass. Theres a set time God puts away just for you. He wants you know that He is taking care of you. You'll look up and know it was only God who brought these things to pass. Practice obedience in this season. Ask God what instructions He has for you daily and walk in them. Let Him guide you into your breakthrough. Let Him change your mindset, let Him mold you.

You'll start the business
You'll have the better job
You'll have your husband
You'll have children
You'll gain friends
You'll be healed
You'll be delivered

Not only will you start the business
You will start with boldness and confidence as you grow in entrepreneurship. You will gain customers and clients beyond what you can imagine or think. You will create new lanes and opportunities for others.

Not only will you have a better job, you will have greater benefits and vacation hours. Your children will have day care and get to and from school with ease. You will have the transportation to get back and forth to work also.

You will have your husband. He will be ONLY yours lol. He will be loving, kind, patient, faithful, consistent and safe. He will be a father to your children. He will grow with you and be your number 1 supporter. God is changing and molding him as well. So be patient and opened but guard your heart against any counterfeits.

Not only will you have a child or more. Your children will make you proud. They will not be a negative statistic in this society. You will be equipped to raise them the way God intends. Your kid(s) will be everything you could imagine. You will be full of joy watching them grow and you will be perfected to benefit their growth, self esteem and success. Break the generational curses now and feed to generational blessings.

You will gain friends. Not just people you can talk to when your feeling low. But people that speak life into you. People that will support your vision. People that will hold you accountable. People that you can show love for and it is reciprocated. It is best to wait for friends because some friends will be temporary. Losing a friend or parting ways isn't quite easy and it can feel like a set back and it hurts. Those friends that are for a lifetime will be who you need. With the friendships that are long term, there will be times where you guys may clash or not see eye to eye. Will you support them when they are down? Are you willing to forgive their imperfections? Friendships aren't always glitter and gold. You have to remember and mbow what you are asking for. If you are willing, you will have friends that will love you unconditionally as you love them in the same condition.

You will be healed. You will be so healed that if you find yourself in the same room with the person that hurt you. You won't feel a thing. You'll have compassion for that person. You'll be healed that the same scenario that you wound up wounded in won't cause you to have anxiety or deperession. You'll be so healed that your mental health will be a priority that when you see others trying to pull you down to where they are. You can adjust and remove yourslef and not be frustrated or pained because of other people's actions.

You will be delivered. You'll be 100% transformed to the point where the thought of anything that can set you back brings you disgust. You don't have a taste or a desire to entangle yourself back into things that aren't beneficial for you. You have mastered when to say no and when to day yes. You have mastered to control your emotions, habits and mindset towards yourslef and others. You will be able to pull the same people out the bucket that they are trying to pull you in.

Remember, stay obedient. Stay humble and stay connected to God. He will lead you to your ultimate destination of where you truly want to be. Trust Him and trust your process. Don't be weary. You will reap if you do not give up. Stay focused. It's coming.


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