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How Do I Trust After Heartbreak?

This is a huge issue.  This blog post will go into my story of the damages I've experienced and the path of how I got through and began to trust again. It will help you understand how to trust again and be realistic about the process of trusting people and yourself.  I was with a boyfriend. He was called to go in to the back office to get a drug test done at his probation office. The rules to see the probation officer, were that those on probation, couldn't take their phones to the back office. So before I knew it, my ex sat up, placed his phone in my hand and went in the back office. He must have thought he was good because he had a code on his phone. As he placed his phone in my hand and I looked at it, I was taken back to a couple months ago.  I had moved to Fresno for 2 years. He came to visit me and attend my senior prom with me. The night of my prom I had never felt so beautiful. I felt like the prettiest woman ever. I was so happy that he got to see me in that light. I w