Set Backs Will Catapult You

 This last year has been such a huge transformation for many people. Some people lost friends, family and aquaintences that were affected by a huge world wide pandemic. People's lives changed before their eyes. With a pandemic, that did not stop everyone's day to day issues and needs. Before the pandemic, people still needed more. During the pandemic, the things that people needed before seemed to be heightened. I believe that everyone who needed support in any area, anyone who may have needed finances for many things, anyone who needed community, anyone who had needs seemed to need those things even the more. While people fought a pandemic, people still were fighting to mend broken relationships. While many people were fighting to stay healthy to prevent harm from the pandemic, many people were still battling to develop forgiveness from other people trespassing against them. While many were sanitizing their hands and surfacing to prevent the spread of a virus, many people were in need of help in cleansing their soul of bitterness. Everyone wore masks outdoors to protect others, but some may have been wearing a mask that showed they didn't need help when in reality, they were hurting. 

Some even had traumatic experience during the pandemic that shook them to their core. I personally did. I have had trauma since and have been learning how to tackle those unfortunate events. 

Things happen that you have no clue will take place. Situations disrupt your life  just when you feel things are looking better for your life. Things happen so quickly that you find yourself in a situation that you don't even have time to grasp what is happening and when you do, it is sends you into a place mentally you didnt even know existed. When you finally get out of the situation, you have to unpack all the things you've been through and everything that you are experiencing piece by piece. That takes effort. Sometimes you just don't have the energy mentally and physically to address certain things at a certain time. 

That's when you reach your lows. You reach a point where you just feel that everything has just torn you down. You feel so set back mentally, that it is just too hard to even think you can go back to a healthy space. You begin to question everything about you, everyone connected to you, and even sometimes your own existence. At this time usually, most people turn to substances to help manage day-to-day needs. Stress, anxiety, fear, depression, rage, confusion, hurt and questions is what your life seems to be made of. Every negative thing, you grasp a hold on to. Positive words over your life or positive thoughts seem just so small and impossible to believe. It seems even others that may view you in a positive and beautiful way, is hard for you to accept. The bad definitely outweighs the good or that is definitely how you feel.  And what's crazy is most of the time when you are set back a lot of people remain being held back by all of the issues related to different types of negative experiences and hold on to that trauma. Trauma can last for the rest of your life only if you allow it to, but I wrote this blog so that you can understand that you do not have to stay in your trauma. You can allow every misfortune, pain, suffering and unfortunate event to catapult you into your destiny.

I genuinely believe that when we experience certain things that are traumatic and very hurtful to us, it forces us into community, even when we try to hide ourselves. It forces us to begin to deal with some of the areas of our hearts that we may have not even paid attention to. It is really crazy how we can see the good things we do for others, but we can't see the amazing internal qualities we have, because most of the pain that we experience is internal. We see the outward servitude that we have for other people. We go on our way to help other people whether that's physically cleaning up behind or for them. We feed others food from our refrigerators. We give to someone in need. We take the time to listen to others when they need a listening ear, but when someone tells you that you are amazing, that you can do anything you put your mind to, that you can change the world, that your dreams can be a reality, it is not so easy to accept. You feel it is too large to obtain. 

Understanding that the way you think about yourself is what is going to catapult you into your God-given purpose. You may not have the finances, you may not have the home, you may not have the best car, you may not have the best outward adorning things such as clothing or jewelry, but as long as you have integrity, a strong belief in yourself, and work ethic and healing  you can be everything your purposed to be. 

A lot of us withdraw, self-sabotage, avoid, over project, or even deny the abilities we have within. Use what has been caused to damage you as a stepping stone to your greatness. What that looks like is you being transparent enough to know that this is not your final destination, but that it is necessary to get you to another realm of spirituality. 

Trials seem to break us in ways that we will not allow ourselves to be broken on our own. We'd rather avoid things and make excuses for certain things because it's easier. Digging into ourselves is a full-time job and it is easier to dig or focus on the shortcomings of other people. When you realize that you're walking in a full-fledged circle you have to choose to step out of your own way and get off that ride. 

Having mishaps, mistakes, and misfortunes put you in a position to seek more guidance. That is what God would genuinely want for you. He created people in groups for a purpose. His ultimate commandments are to love God and love your neighbor. When you are able to utilize people  (not misuse them), you are able to see one of the many plans that God put forth on the earth when he created it. Our setbacks cause us to reach out to people. The right connections will speak life into you and allow you to see things that you don't normally see on your own. Yet, you can have so many people planted positive words over your life and it is up to choose to believe it. To look in ourselves within ourselves is one the most uncomfortable feeling there is. We know that there are areas in our hearts,our minds, our bodies and our souls that need help, but it seems too overbearing and overwhelming to address certain issues. We don't realize that when we address the issue it actually brings life to the situation. It allows us to normalize the situation and not bury any hidden areas in our life, it allows us to create a new perspective and when we do that we are able to treat others better and also sympathize with other people when they go through the same or similar situations as we have.

I encourage you that the next time you think about a past experience that has taunted you and has caused you much pain and trauma that you address it deeply and wholeheartedly. Whether you pray it out to God, or you journal it, or you choose to involve community and seek therapy. It is for your good. You won't see things clear in the beginning and you may feel that what you're doing is unnecessary or a waste of time, but as you continue to address your wounds you are allowing yourself to heal and before you know it you'll begin to understand that certain things that used to hurt you or offend you or no longer an issue anymore.

You'll start to understand and see yourself differently. You'll start to feel differently about yourself. So even if someone were to acknowledge a truth about you that you know deep down is facts, but you can't quite agree with them because it is offensive, you will actually begin to agree and understand that this is just a part of my walk in life and it is not who I am. You'll begin to accept constructive criticism or suggestions. You even understand and accept when someone doesn't like you or choose you in any situation because it is their choice and that is okay and that does not take away from you as an individual.

You understand that what is for you is for you and what is best for you will come to pass only if you allow yourself to let go of your trauma and allow it to be your stepping stone into your greatness.

It will help you not compare yourself or life to other people and their lives and possessions. It will allow you desire what someone may have without coveting or envying what they have. It will allow you to be genuinely happy and supportive of others wholeheartedly. 

Having the faith to believe that you can grow from the issues you don't talk to alot of people about, grows your faith in so many other areas. 

Healing increases your faith. 

Setbacks will catapult you

They will move you forward only if you choose to deal with them as a temporary thing and when you address them with healthy community and from a healthy mindset. Developing the healthy mindset is a marathon and not a sprint. It is very possible for you as soon as you begin to let every situation be an opportunity to grow and you choose to believe. 

I really pray that whoever is reading this, that you completely understand the main goal in this blog post. It is to encourage you and allow you to be proactive when it comes to healing your past and your present. Use what the enemy thinks will destroy you to be the very thing that helps you. Thank you for reading this.

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