It's ok when things hurt

I notice a lot of people will be hurt or they feel a certain way about how they were treated and they brush their feelings off with an, I'll be okay." I am guilty of this. We tend to allow ourselves to release a small amount of pain and then we pacify ourselves and suck the pain back in. We brush right under a rug and rarely revisit it because we are taught that tears or expression in how we feel are weak.
We refuse to acknowledge how people make us feel because it may seem like we are doing too much. Or that person may feel we are weak and being too emotional.

As long as you keep brushing things under a rug and moving on without getting clarity or without genuinely releasing yourself of the pain, the more you are teaching yourself that your feelings don't matter. The more you do that, the harder it's going to be to Express yourself. It's going to effect how you communicate. It's going to effect your relationships.

It affects the most important relationship we have and that our relationship with God.
If we don't express how we feel, it's a reflection of how we don't express how we feel to God. God can change every circumstance to even how we feel about them. If we don't expose how we feel to Him, how can we possibly get the healing we need? God is not going involuntarily walk into your life and change you or your situation. That would be considered rude to Him. He's the perfect gentleman. He desires an invitation. So if you aren't honest and dont tell Him how you feel and how that situation affected you, He will just wait for you to open up and ask for help. It doesn't matter how long you wait to Him. He will step in when you ask. But for you, the longer you wait, the longer you build up damage the harder it will get for you.

You'll begin to see how not embracing your oain and exposing it can show up in your marriage. You won't be communicative when necessary to change a situation. If those situations aren't exposed their will be no change. And if the situation is deeply serious it could possibly result in forms of infidelity or even divorce.

By not opening up about your hurt it could effect your friendships. A person will avoid and act funny with someone instead of expressing that they were hurt by a certain situation. The person on the other end might not even recall what happened so they began to just let it go because they see the distance you are portraying, but genuinely don't know what the issue is.

Shutting down at the sign of pain will affect family relationships. Many people don't feel they have anyone including family. Families are full of broken people and many people avoid each other even in the family setting because we were raised to just brush things off.

This affects so many relationships
•Coworker relationships
•Boss' relationships
•Church Relationships
And so much more....

I'd leave one tip:
Just reach out and talk about it. A lot of the time it's a misunderstanding or miscommunication involved. It will give you clarity and peace.
With God,  He enjoys being invited and apart of what you think He has no time for. He doesn't even work on a fine schedule. He just IS lol so He has so much time in a day than we do. He wants to help and He just needs your invitation and participation.

If a person doesn't receive you, that's ok because you're practicing something that's going to bless you regardless. It's not for them's for YOU.

Your feelings matter!
Master them!


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