We Have All We Need...

These last couple of months from March 2020 to now the end of June 2020 has transformed and stretched so many of us in many different ways. Who would have thought on January 1, 2020, while we celebrated New Years, that so much would come to pass. 2020 is an amazing number. It symbolizes perfect vision and in just the 3rd month of the year, we would all be hit something we did not see coming. 

So many prophetic people rang alarms and warnings, but life got in the way. Responsibility knocked on our front doors. Bills consumed our minds. Our children's health, well being and hunger consumed our everyday lives. Before we knew it COVID-19 shook our foundations. Jobs were lost, responsibilities were threatened, our health was attacked. In the middle of this pandemic, racial divide grew stronger. We now have a global protest for black lives which should have always mattered, but our society has shown our black brothers and sisters otherwise for centuries. People are full of hatred. People are blinded by their own perspective and lacking empathy. We even have issues with immigration that have children locked in cages and some lost and have yet to be found. 

Look at the state of the world. This is only a portion of what is truly happening. There's so much more evil than we can see. What's done in the dark will surely come to the light. We are beginning to see the truth hearts of the people. On this blog I talk about healing so much because I see how much people are hurting. I see how hurt is passed down from generation to generation. 

Looking at this world, it brings me back to the foundation of the world. When God told Adam to not eat off the forbidden tree or else he will surely die, God said it for a reason. The forbidden tree was the knowledge of good and evil. 

We deal with so much hurt, pain, and frustration due to the knowledge of evil we have digested. We see things for what they are. God had a boundary for us. We overstepped the boundary and we are reaping what we have sown. 

We cant just focus on the knowledge of evil because there is another side that we have to acknowledge and we'd have no hope if we didn't. We have witnessed the knowledge of good. 

This month June 2020, I marched a peaceful protest that attended over 30,000 people in one city. I saw people of all colors together on one accord for justice and love of black lives. I logged into Facebook, turned on the news and saw large numbers of people in other cities, states and even countries from different continents protesting for black people. I see so may great things in this world. People supporting others, acknowledging others, standing up for others, investing in others and growing with each other. I see love. 

There's still so much to the knowledge of good that we haven't seen as well. 

Why did I title this blog post we have all we need? 

In a time like this we can look and see what we don't have. We can see the hate, the injustice, the pain of the people. I believe based on the things that truly hurt you, you are called to make a change for that thing. What hurts and crushes you the most is the thing God instilled in you to tackle with full force and make a change for the world. 

I believe God has called me to deal with the hearts of the people. We see so much on the outside and the way that people talk, walk, act and react and we categorize them. I see if someone is reacting negatively, its unresolved hurt and misguidance in that person's life. 

Tell me, what hurts you? What frustrations do you have about this world? What keeps you up at night? If money or time wasn't a barrier what would you spend your time and money doing? 

This world has people that have not stepped into their purpose. We have doctors that are librarians. We have politicians driving school buses. We have bus drivers waiting tables. We have authors working on cars. We have mechanics who dont see their potential. We have pastors still sitting in the pews of congregation running from their purpose. 

The world has all it needs, but what it is missing is implementation. We have enough to balance the world. We have enough people to create spaces for homeless people and create jobs for those who lack finances. 

We have all we need it's a lack of people who are seeking God to reveal their purpose the them. God is who made us and He intentionally put things in us so that we can help solve problems and work together. 

There's literal prophets operating in the kingdom of the demonic practicing magic or learning spells. The reason people are so intrigued with that realm is because it produces results. They see the manifestation of what they put out. They see the manifestations of their desires being met quickly. Some are trained young and brought into that realm by their parents or family. 

Due to that prophets are out of the God given purpose the God intended for them. If you happen to be one that operates in magic, tarot cards, palm readings or things of that sort is because you are drawn to miracles, signs, wonders and spiritual things. 

God is a spirit and the maker of all spiritual things. God can show you major results. You have to tap into Him and Hid purpse He has for you. 

Many people are unsatisfied. Many people people are being tormented. Many people are hurtin . Many people are damaged. Many people keep hitting bricks walls as soon as they see progress. The reason is because God can only feel the voids in our lives. You can mask it with anger. You can mask it with isolation. You can mask it with independence. You can mask it with being busy all the time. You can mask it with anything but until you truly surrender to the Lord, you won't be satisfied. 

We have more than we need. It's going to take you to recognize your worth and acceptance from God. When you accept Him. Ask him what is it He wants from you and how you can strategically begin to work on that. 

He will start with YOU first. It's a work to be done. But God won't let you down.  You have what you need. The world needs you. 


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