When things Don't Go As They Seem.....

There's times in life where we find ourselves in positions we thought wouldn't happen so soon. It could be:
A new opportunity 
A new job
A new relationship 
You began to have a crush on someone
A break up
You let go of a friend
You lose a job
You buy a new car
Your car breaks down on you 
You become homeless  ....
The list can go on..

Life is full of twists and turns 
Even good things will come and you feel it should not be because you get so used to things not going right. 

When bad things come it kinda boost your faith in doubting your life because we live a life of expecting disappointment. 

I find myself not desiring better because I feel better is unavailable for me. When things don't go as they seem, we tend to embrace brokenness. We tend to go towards the familiar of that brokenness. Brokenness is a lot of our comfort zones. 

I found myself in a compromising position and I had to choose to have faith in what I truly desire. A desire is something you don't have yet and it's a strong drawing to what you want in life. 

I am writing this to encourage you to embrace healing. When things don't go as they seem whether it's good or bad.... 

Accept the challenges of the bad. Embrace truth that you are going to make mistakes. Embrace that regardless of what was and what it seems that change is always possible. Staying in a sunken place because you fell into a place you genuinely don't want to be in is not the best place to be. 

Embrace that you will manifest everything you desire. Do something different so you don't find yourself in a place that doesn't push you toward your desires. Be thankful for what you have accomplished and be thankful for what you haven't recieved yet. 

What about if you have recieved something you feel you don't deserve?
Embrace grace and favor. God gives good things to His children. A lot of what we have gained wasn't deserved. But, if God says you can have it. Give him the glory and recieve it and expect more. Don't be afraid that this good gift is going to spoil or disappear because that's looking at it from that broken place. Recieve what God has for you. Be thankful, take care of it and be responsible with it. God gives more to those who take care of what they already have. 

When things don't go as you think they should.... embrace the lesson or embrace the blessing, wait and nurture it.


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