You are Beautiful (Growing in Self Esteem)

Being beautiful is 100% who you are. Even when you don't agree. Why? Because God made you with every intention in His being. God created enough oxygen to last billions of years after the earth was created so that YOU would be able to breathe for years and years to come. In the bible, it says, I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. (Psalms 139:14 KJV)

When you get to know God, you understand that God's Word is personal. It is specific and it is targeted to you. The scripture above says that marvelous are thy works and who the author is talking about is God. God's works happened when He created you. He used action, thoughtfulness, preciseness, intentionalality and even fear. The scripture that is above states that, you are fearfully made. When something is made out of healthy fear, it means that growth is going to follow. So does that mean that God was afraid when He created you? Not at all, God does not fear anything. He does care enough to want you to make it Heaven, but fear is not of God. When you think about doing great things, there is a level of fear that comes along with growth and expansion. Every person that has done something new, there was this sense of nervousness, there was uncertainty, then along comes production and rising above their compasity which is the ultimate goal so that businesses or ventures would reach more people in order to grow in stability and longevity. There are perks to expansion, like greater finances, popularity and great reputation. When God created you, His plans for you are for you to have a good ending. In order to have a good ending you must submit to will of God. He created you in His image to model Him. He created you for expansion of His Kingdom, so that His name would grow across the globe. God loves you just as you are. 

With all the quirks, mistakes, flaws, trauma and things you can see and feel, God still counts you worthy enough to make His name great. He was never uncertain or nervous because God is not a man. He is a spirit and He is the ultimate Father. He created you for expansion. He created you to reap the benefits of His expansion. Remember,  expansion has perks. There is greater finances, God wants you to be wealthy. There is popularity, God wants you to have more exposure so that when you have ideas, they will thrive on this earth. The other perk is a great reputation, God wants you to be trustworthy so when opportunity comes, your name will be brought up rooms you have yet to enter. With all these perks from expansion, there is heavenly expansion. The kingdom of Heaven has all the perks from expansion plus so much more. 

You are apart of that kingdom and your beauty and self worth is included in that. We are imperfect people being perfected by the will of God. 

You have to understand how much your worth is to God. The moment you grow in your identity, you begin to understand that beauty is everything that you are. You begin to realize that your worth is not involved in that ex leaving you high and dry. Your worth is not in the negative words that people have said to you. Your worth is not in the foul treatment that others have trespassed against you. 

You need to heal in order to see how valuable you are. When you heal, you take all negative things out of you and keep the positive things that may be buried due to trauma and pain from your past. When you heal, you are coming into agreement with your original being. The original plans God has for you are for you to grow and prosper. 

Your identity is not in your financial status or your outer appearance. It is who you are internally. When you focus on the inner things, the outer being will follow in the right order. 

You're beauty needs not to be vanity. Gods word says, Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord , she shall be praised.  Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates. (Proverbs 31:30‭-‬31 KJV) 

Your identity needs to be in God. Your elevation, favor, beauty, finances, popularity, and reputation needs to be built on the foundation of God. When you reach that pinnacle, you see yourself as God sees you. 

When your outer beauty is more managed than the beauty that God intends, it becomes vain. Your beauty is worthless. When you allow God to mold and fill you, you inherit purpose. Everything in God's purpose is priceless and unmatched. 

Prayer, reading the bible, fasting and reveling in worship will help center you and open your eyes to how truly beautiful you are. 

Your thin or thick thighs won't rule you or cause you to feel less than. Your brown, gray, green, or blue eyes won't fuel you or make you feel rejected. Your thick, thin, short, long, brown, gray, colorful, straight or curly hair won't cause you obsession. Your hips won't define or recline you. Your abilities or disabilities won't allow or disallow you. The length of your legs or nails won't flatter or hinder you. Your financial status or car you drive won't equate to your worth or deem you worthless. The circumference of your breast or bottom won't fuel or deploy you. Your single or togetherness won't be your hope or hopelessness. Your solitude won't be your comfort zone or bring comfortlessness. Your mind and ways won't lead you astray. Your words won't draw the wrong connections, deflections or draw fleetingly. 

The scripture above states that favour is deceitful. When favor is not breathed on by God, it deceives you in to thinking more highly of yourself than you ought to think. Being esteemed raises confidence, not pride. Humbling yourself towards God brings praises to you. We all like to be acknowledged and noticed. Fearing God shall bring you acknowledgement. Godly acknowledgments are beyond regular recognition. Godly recognition comes comes with major things. It comes with respect, influence, honor, reverence, care, and much more. 

While the outter things stated above,(such as looks, status and words) they have their importance, yet how they are used should be to uplift and represent God well. It should assist you in a positive, healthy and time worthy manner, it should not be relied on as your everything. 

The scripture says that a woman who fears the Lord shall be praised. It says give her, the fruit (in other words, the outcome) of her hands. That means to let the outcome of your works be known. Your hands means to work. Your hands are tools and they are equipment of work. Your fruit (aka the outcome) of your works are given. Give them back and let your works praise you in the gates. You are not just what you display. You are what you put work into. Build your esteem by doing the work intended for your heart.

You're as worthy as how much you think you are worth. And best believe, if you battle with internal issues it is because you know you're worth more, but at times, others have not seen that. Because of that you chose to believe the lies they told or the behavior they displayed towards you. You long for more because you know deep down, you deserve it. If you never clear out the clutter, you'll always hit this brick wall. 

Your beauty is in the effort, the fear, the love, the tenacity, the audacity lol, the quality, the intentionality and the being of God. When He made you, He stated that,  "It is good" (Genesis 1: 26,27, and 31) and He was referring to YOU. 

I pray this blog post enters the deepest core of your being and spring for refreshing waters in your life. To get a deeper look into healing, check out my blog post titled, "How Do I Heal?". 

I love you and I am always praying for you. God bless you.


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